Is A Broken Denture A Dental Emergency

Broken Denture

A broken denture is one of the worst things that can happen to a denture-wearer. These sometimes occur without warning due to biting into a particularly hard piece of food or accidentally biting down on your fork or spoon. Other times, dentures can be dropped and accidentally stood upon. Short of crushing your partial dentures […]

5 Tips For Emergency Dental Care For Toothache

Emergency Toothache

Toothaches are a painful experience, no matter how tough you are. They drive grown men to tears and can last for days or weeks without remedy as a dull ache, but as easy as it might be to slather some Orajel or other numbing agent on there and forget about it, toothaches can point to […]

How To Deal With Loose Teeth

Adult Loose Tooth

We all want a bright, healthy smile, and the thought of losing your teeth likely sends shivers down your spine. Unfortunately, losing teeth as an adult is all too common, impacting people of all ages. Loose teeth might seem inconvenient, whether it’s caused by trauma or illness, but if you don’t address them right away, […]

Are Dentures Safe When Pregnant?

Dentures While Pregnant

Pregnancy brings many physical and hormonal changes, often promoting you to consider health issues you may not have thought about for a while – including oral health.  The shift in hormones and even eating habits during pregnancy can lead to tender gums and calcium deficiency, which can wreak havoc on your dental health. Not to […]

DIY Denture Repairs: Should You Fix Your Dentures at Home

Broken Dentures

When it comes to repairing dentures, there is a growing trend in the industry of at-home denture repair. Whether this is due to cost or convenience, individuals are trying to repair their dentures using denture repair kits.  Fixing your dentures at home sounds simple enough and is far more convenient than emergency denture repairs performed […]

Emergency Dentist in Camden: Immediate Denture Care When You Need It

Denture Emergency in Camden

When you have a dental emergency, it’s important that you urgently seek care from a reliable emergency dentist in Camden. Addressing denture issues immediately can prevent oral injuries and prevent further damage to your dental piece. Denture emergencies include abscesses, trauma, bleeding, and damage to the mouthpiece.  Understanding Dental Emergencies  Not every dental emergency is […]

Understanding the Limitations of Denture Repair Kits: Why Dental Expertise Matters

Denture Repair Kit

Denture repair kits are readily available at your local pharmacy, online or even in some supermarkets. While they can be a handy tool for emergency denture repairs, their use should only be limited to temporary solutions.  If you have a denture issue, you need to make an appointment with your denture clinic as soon as […]

Common Types of Denture Repairs and How To Prevent Them

Repaired Dentures

Whether you are new to wearing dentures or planning to invest in a new set, there have been advancements that make dentures look and feel more natural, and they last longer now too. However, if you want to get the most out of your dentures, you need to be willing to maintain them properly.  The […]

Living with Removable Partial Dentures: Lifestyle Tips and Adjustments

Removable Partial Dentures

Adapting to life with removable partial dentures can be challenging, but you can maintain a healthy, confident, and active lifestyle with the right guidance and support. Here are some tips and adjustments for living with removable partial dentures, from maintaining oral hygiene to managing social situations and cultivating a positive mindset. Maintaining Oral Hygiene Good […]