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Denture breakage can be caused by age, wear and tear or the result of a poor fit. It could be a simple crack, teeth could break off, or perhaps you need additional teeth or clasps because of a tooth extraction. In each case, you’ll need a custom denture repair.

Our professional repair service is second to none. We pride ourselves in finding quality custom solutions whenever things go wrong. We also know it’s important to minimise time without your denture, so we’re quick to assess your needs and start on repairs straight away. Most emergency denture repairs can be completed within the same day.

Never attempt to make repairs yourself, especially with super glue. It’s toxic and will cause further damage to your denture.

Additional Denture Repair & Maintenance Denture Services Include:

Denture Relines

Our mouths and gums are in a constant state of change. Gums shrink and resorb for many reasons – such as aging, illness, bone or teeth loss. So it’s natural that over time, your denture may not fit quite as comfortably as it used to. If it starts to feel loose or you have difficulty when eating, a reline is the perfect solution.

We’ll add new base material to the side of your denture at the point where it meets your gums. Impressions help us contour it to match your existing denture, so it feels comfortable and doesn’t rub. Importantly, it will look just the same as it always has. We recommend that you have your denture checked every two years in case a denture reline is necessary. Changes occur so slowly it’s often hard to notice just how much the fit and feel of your denture has deteriorated over time. 

Soft Liners for extra comfort

If your gums feel tender, we can help by fitting a layer of soft material to the surface of your denture. The soft liner acts as a cushion or shock absorber between the hard plastic base of the denture and your gums.

Gum Tissue Liners to nourish

Our temporary liners have special conditioning properties that help improve the health of your gums so they can better support your denture. 

Denture Clean & Polish

We use the latest ultrasonic technology to clean, polish and remove excess tartar from your denture. The entire process only takes an hour, and we recommend it once a year. 

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Caring, experienced team.

We have an expert team of aesthetic dentures and dentists that take pride in providing expedited and quality care.

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Like a well-oiled machine, our processes are clear, quality control measures are in place and our people firmly believe in what we do.

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At Aesthetic Denture Clinic, we make it our mission to use products that are 100% manufactured in Australia.

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We have an expert team of aesthetic dentures and dentists that take pride in providing expedited and quality care.

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Pain-free dental services and perfectly matched dentures are a reality with our in-house laboratory.

Everything in-house - Aesthetic Dental and Denture Clinic

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Customer Stories

Elias is fantastic. His work is amazing. And his approach to us as a customer was extremely comforting. He has given my husband a whole new meaning to his self esteem and he actually loves to smile. All thanks to Elias amazing work. Read more

Sarah-Marie Urzino

A year ago

My daughter got her mouthguard moulded and made through these guys, the process was amazing and they made my daughter feel at ease. She is so happy with her new sparklie mouthguard with her name on it! I Highly recommend Elias and Tamica. Thank you very much Read more

Karen Halse

A year ago

Elias went above and beyond to replace my Denture after an accident over New year. Super friendly service and above all the most comfortable denture I have ever had. Highly recommend!! Thankyou. Read more

Mark Halliday

A year ago

From my first phone call to Tomika explaining my situation with my teeth and how bad they were and that I didn't know where to start, to having my first free appointment with Elias was the best thing I have ever done. Tomika is very easy to talk to, friendly and professional. Elias, well he is great, told me exactly what he could achieve, the cost and the timeframe and he was spot on. Read more

Kim Lennon

6 months ago

Elias prepared a full set of dentures for my 90 year old mother. The service he provided was exceptional, using current technology effectively to create a set of dentures which were far superior to what she had previously had. Elias also made it very clear that my mother could go back at any time if minor adjustments were required. He gives meticulous attention to detail. Tamika ensures that appointments run to time. Read more

Janelle Horton

10 months ago

Loving my new dentures, professional friendly service 5 stars all round. Would highly recommend this practice. Thanks guys.. Read more

Deidre Bell

6 months ago

State of the art technology and skills and ability to match. I went to the clinic highly anxious ( my previous dental encounter at another clinic resulted in a panic attack and blacking out twice whilst in the chair) due to the poor integrity of my teeth, as a direct result of a health condition I had lost the majority of my teeth and the remaining were nothing short of a train wreck. Elias treated me the utmost respect and kindness. Read more

Meghan Stafford

2 months ago


If you have dentures and think they might need to be fixed or relined, you should know the signs so you can get them fixed right away. Signs include:

• Unusual pain in the jaw: This could be because your dentures don’t fit right, which means they need to be relined or adjusted.

• Your dentures are loose and do not fit securely: If your dentures no longer fit well and move around when you talk or eat, this could mean that they need to be adjusted or relined.

• Visible wear on the edges of the dentures: If you can see wear on the edges of your dentures, it could mean your gums have changed shape since you first got them fitted. This could mean you need an adjustment or relining.

• Surface damage: If your denture has chips, cracks, or breaks on its surface, it will probably need to be fixed before you can use it again.

• Stains on the surface of the denture: Stains can usually be cleaned off with proper care, but if your denture has turned a very yellow colour, it may be damaged and need to be fixed or replaced.

If you notice any of these, you should see your dentist right away so they can determine if your dentures need to be fixed or relined.

When you have dentures, it’s important to take care of them. But wear and tear can cause your dentures to get a little bit broken or loose. If this happens to you, you may wonder if you can fix the problem on your own or if you need to go to the dentist.

It is possible to make minor repairs on your own denture, provided that they are not too severe. These repairs include smoothing out rough edges and polishing off any scratches. You can also use special adhesive cement to fill in dents or chips in some cases. But if the damage is more serious, like a fracture or a crack, it is not a good idea to try to fix it yourself.

If you require a more extensive repair, such as replacing missing parts of the denture or relining them, then visiting a qualified dental professional is the best option.

A dentist can take a good look at any damage and tell you what needs to be fixed for your denture to work right again. They will also be able to tell you how to take care of your dentures so that they last longer and stay in good shape for many years.

The exact duration of a denture repair or reline procedure can vary depending on the severity and complexity of the repairs needed. A minor adjustment such as repairing a crack or filling in dents can take as little as twenty minutes. More extensive repairs may require more time, with some processes taking up to several hours. Generally, relining can take between one to two visits to complete although this is dependent on each individual case.

During the first visit, impressions of your mouth are usually made so that new resin material can be made for relining. In the case of relining, the impressions will be sent to an outside lab where new material will be made. This new material can then be used to line your existing dentures or reshape them to fit better (in case of repairs). After this is done, you’ll come back for a second appointment where the new lining material will be put in place using heat moulding and any other adjustments will be made until you’re happy with how your new dentures fit and feel.

Once you get your repaired or relined dentures, it’s important to clean them with extra care to make sure they last as long as possible and stop any more damage from happening. This includes rinsing all surfaces with lukewarm water after every meal to get rid of any food particles and gently cleaning them with special cleaners recommended by your dentist. Never use harsh chemicals on any part of your denture. Also, make sure you store them right when you’re not using them so they don’t get damaged again.

Denture repairs and relines cost different amounts depending on what needs to be done, the quality of the materials used, and where the work is done. When it comes to relining, prices vary depending on whether the dentist uses soft acrylic or hard acrylic (the latter being more expensive). If you have private health, you’ll find most plans cover at least some of these costs, so check with your insurance company ahead of time to see what is covered. It’s also important to remember that the total cost of a repair or relining can depend on a number of different things. These include how many pieces need to be repaired or relined (each piece has its own fee), where it’s being done (dental offices tend to charge more than smaller, independent labs), and any extra services that may be requested, like tooth whitening or stain removal treatments, which can add a lot to the total bill. Denture repairs and relines can be expensive, but there are ways to make them more affordable if you plan ahead. If you have insurance, use it. If you don’t have insurance, find a dentist that offers a payment plan that can distribute the costs over time. Taking extra care of your dentures will pay off in the long run because they will last longer and look better for longer.

After getting your dentures fixed or relined, you should always keep them clean so that bacteria doesn’t build up inside them. This means cleaning them twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a mild, non-abrasive toothpaste. Never use harsh chemicals on any part of your dentures. It is also suggested you soak them overnight in lukewarm water every few days to help get rid of any leftover food.

Be careful not to drop your dentures when you are taking care of them or putting them away. Even small bumps can cause cracks and micro-fractures that can lead to more damage over time. You should also keep them in a dry place away from direct sunlight when you’re not using them, so they don’t warp or bend out of shape. If you are going to be gone for a long time, the best way to keep their shape is to put them in a sealed container with water.

It’s also important to remember you still need to see your dentist regularly, even if your dentures have already been fixed or relined. During these check-ups, they may need more adjustments, so make sure to follow your dentist’s advice on how to take care of and maintain the appliance.

With the right way to handle and clean your teeth, you can be sure you’ve done everything you need to do to keep your smile looking its best.