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We’re creating smiles that are better than ever with the latest digital software. It’s revolutionising the way dentures are made as we can now create dentures that are more precise, more innovative and more comfortable.

If we seem a bit excited about the power this technology offers – it’s because we are. We can’t wait for you to experience that wow moment when you see your new smile for the first time. 

How digital dentures are different

Digital makes all the difference. Your new digital denture will be a meticulously crafted, custom-automated dental prosthetic – so it will fit better than any manually created denture ever can.

The state-of-the-art software designs your denture so it replicates your individual soft tissue. And the result – your new digital full denture will cosmetically enhance your facial profile. You’ll be amazed at how it can improve your lip and mouth shape, yet look so natural. 

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Digital Dentures Explained

Why digital works so well

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Every clinician interprets denture design differently. Digital dentures are the next step in creating accuracy and design to individually suit each patient. Every custom design is backed by millions of tried and tested facial profile calculations.

Our full digital dentures are designed to work in harmony with your existing teeth and facial structure. Your bite will feel even. Your tongue will fit smoothly between your teeth. Your speech will be easier. Eating, smiling and enjoying life will all happen without your denture causing worry.

At Aesthetic Denture Clinic, our patients are individuals and so is their treatment.

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Caring, experienced team.

We have an expert team of aesthetic dentures and dentists that take pride in providing expedited and quality care.

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How we work

Like a well-oiled machine, our processes are clear, quality control measures are in place and our people firmly believe in what we do.

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Affordable & 100% Australian

At Aesthetic Denture Clinic, we make it our mission to use products that are 100% manufactured in Australia.

Get a smile you’re happy with

We have an expert team of aesthetic dentures and dentists that take pride in providing expedited and quality care.

Everything in-house

Pain-free dental services and perfectly matched dentures are a reality with our in-house laboratory.

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Customer Stories

Elias is fantastic. His work is amazing. And his approach to us as a customer was extremely comforting. He has given my husband a whole new meaning to his self esteem and he actually loves to smile. All thanks to Elias amazing work. Read more

Sarah-Marie Urzino

A year ago

My daughter got her mouthguard moulded and made through these guys, the process was amazing and they made my daughter feel at ease. She is so happy with her new sparklie mouthguard with her name on it! I Highly recommend Elias and Tamica. Thank you very much Read more

Karen Halse

A year ago

Elias went above and beyond to replace my Denture after an accident over New year. Super friendly service and above all the most comfortable denture I have ever had. Highly recommend!! Thankyou. Read more

Mark Halliday

A year ago

From my first phone call to Tomika explaining my situation with my teeth and how bad they were and that I didn't know where to start, to having my first free appointment with Elias was the best thing I have ever done. Tomika is very easy to talk to, friendly and professional. Elias, well he is great, told me exactly what he could achieve, the cost and the timeframe and he was spot on. Read more

Kim Lennon

6 months ago

Elias prepared a full set of dentures for my 90 year old mother. The service he provided was exceptional, using current technology effectively to create a set of dentures which were far superior to what she had previously had. Elias also made it very clear that my mother could go back at any time if minor adjustments were required. He gives meticulous attention to detail. Tamika ensures that appointments run to time. Read more

Janelle Horton

10 months ago

Loving my new dentures, professional friendly service 5 stars all round. Would highly recommend this practice. Thanks guys.. Read more

Deidre Bell

6 months ago

State of the art technology and skills and ability to match. I went to the clinic highly anxious ( my previous dental encounter at another clinic resulted in a panic attack and blacking out twice whilst in the chair) due to the poor integrity of my teeth, as a direct result of a health condition I had lost the majority of my teeth and the remaining were nothing short of a train wreck. Elias treated me the utmost respect and kindness. Read more

Meghan Stafford

2 months ago


Digital dentures are a form of dental prosthesis used to replace missing or lost teeth. They are designed to be durable and comfortable, with a natural appearance and feel. In contrast to conventional dentures, digital dentures are manufactured using sophisticated technologies such as 3D printing and computer-aided design (CAD). This allows them to be individualised for each patient.

The creation process is the primary difference between digital dentures and traditional dentures. Conventional dentures require the collaboration of a skilled technician with the patient’s mouth to design a model that fits precisely on the gums. This technique is automated using digital dentures utilising CAD software to make a perfect duplicate of the patient’s mouth.

Digital dentures also offer several advantages over conventional ones. For instance, they can be constructed based on accurate measurements and specifications, allowing for a more comfortable fit than traditional models. Additionally, they usually require fewer adjustments than their counterparts since they have already been made to fit perfectly in the patient’s mouth. Finally, digital dentures often require shorter treatment times since their production is much faster than hand-crafted replicas.

Digital dentures give patients a more precise and personalised option than traditional dentures. By combining innovative technology and great craftsmanship, these sophisticated prosthetics can provide wearers with enhanced comfort and convenience, enhancing their quality of life.

Advanced technologies, including 3D printing, computer-aided design (CAD), and software, are used to design and create digital dentures. The procedure begins with a thorough examination of the patient’s mouth, including X-rays, imprints, pictures, and other measurements. CAD software uses these data points to generate an identical reproduction of the patient’s teeth and gums, which can be used to fabricate a custom-made replacement.

The model will then be printed using 3D printing technology. This enables exact placement of each tooth in relation to the other teeth and the gums. Following that, professionals manufacture the denture base material, which will encapsulate all the individual teeth in place, using acrylic resins or waxes. Lastly, any denture flaws or corrections that need to be made are rectified before applying finishing touches such as colouring or polishing.

One of the most important components of digital denture technology is 3D printing. 3D printing enables precise positioning of each tooth within a prosthetic, as well as a realistic portrayal of their size, form, and position relative to each other and the host gums. In addition, CAD software provides some control over design elements such as curvatures or contours, allowing for custom-fitting solutions customised precisely to a patient’s needs.

Digital dentures provide several advantages over traditional dentures, including enhanced comfort and fit and shorter production times. One of the most significant advantages is that they are custom-made for each unique patient, which means they will suit your mouth properly. Because of this precision, fewer changes are required throughout therapy, saving both time and effort in the long run. Additionally, digital dentures are created with advanced 3D printing technology, resulting in a more precise model than handcrafted alternatives.

Another advantage of digital dentures is the rapidity with which they may be manufactured. Because technicians no longer need to construct models by hand, the use of CAD software and 3D printing provides shorter turnaround times than traditional methods. As such, patients frequently require fewer visits since modifications can usually be made with little effort from the dentist or technician.

Finally, digital dentures can manufacture accurate reproductions of teeth and gums, so they have a considerably more lifelike look and feel than their predecessors. They also come in various materials, such as acrylic resin or waxes, that appear and feel identical to natural teeth.
Overall, digital dentures are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a more advanced dental prosthetic that outperforms its predecessor.

Digital dentures are a long-term remedy for missing teeth, usually lasting five to seven years, provided you take care of them. Traditional dentures may need to be replaced every two to three years due to wear, whereas digital dentures can last much longer with little upkeep.
In some cases, digital dentures have been discovered to have an 85% success rate after ten years of use. This is predominantly because they are fitted precisely, which ensures a stable and comfortable grasp. Also, their improved structure makes these prosthetics less prone to crack or break than traditional types.

Long-term success rates for digital denture treatments are also very high, with most patients experiencing increased comfort and function and a considerably more natural appearance than traditional versions. As a result, they are an excellent alternative for anyone who is looking for a dependable and aesthetically beautiful option that will not require frequent changes over time.

Overall, digital dentures can last up to five times longer than traditional dentures and have a very high success rate in terms of durability and patient satisfaction. If you have any questions or concerns about digital dentures, you can contact the team at Aesthetic Dental & Denture Clinic to discuss.

Digital dentures are a reliable and long-lasting solution for missing teeth, but like any other dental procedure there are risks and potential complications associated with them. Discussing these with your dentist before proceeding is important so you can make an informed decision about the best course of action for your situation.

One of the most common risks related to digital dentures is poor fitment due to inaccurate measurements or incorrect placement of the prosthetic. Improperly fitted dentures can cause pain, discomfort, and even damage your mouth long-term if not addressed quickly.
Additionally, overuse of adhesive can lead to gum irritation and infection in some cases as bacteria can be trapped by the sticky material if not cleaned properly. To avoid this, it’s important to use a daily mild cleanser recommended by your dentist and remove any excess adhesive after each wear.

Finally, it’s important to note that digital dentures require regular follow-up visits with your dentist or technician to ensure they continue to fit correctly and remain in proper condition over time.
Overall, digital dentures are safe when done correctly but it is important to be aware of the potential risks associated with them such as poor fitment or gum irritation from adhesive overuse.