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An immediate denture is a complete or partial denture that is fitted immediately after having teeth extracted. It is often a stop-gap solution, as your gums need time to heal before a permanent denture is fitted. To prevent the embarrassment of missing teeth during this time, an immediate denture is the answer. You’ll be able to eat and speak as normal while your gums heal, and you’ll get used to wearing a denture.

An immediate denture requires planning. Before we extract your teeth, your Denture Clinic take a series of impressions to determine the precise shade, size and shape of your teeth. Then, we take a bite registration to get a proper vertical dimension. This tells us how open or closed your mouth will be after we fit your denture. We’ll make your denture in time for your appointment so you can wear it as soon as you’ve had your extractions. 

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When you first receive your denture, we recommend that you wear it continually for 48 hours. This helps to control bleeding and promote healing. You’ll need a follow-up appointment a few days later so we can make any necessary adjustments. Cold, soft foods will be easier to manage at first, and they’ll help to reduce swelling. Avoid smoking and alcohol. Several times a day, place a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water (not hot), remove your denture and rinse your mouth. Do this until healed.

For more information about dentures, read our FAQ below. If you’d like to speak with one of our denture technicians, please call us on (02) 4655 4438. 

As far as materials go, there usually isn’t any difference, just the process is different.

The biggest advantage is that the patient does not need to go without teeth while the denture is being made and the denture may act as a band-aid to minimise swelling and control bleeding. These dentures will have to be re-adjusted once your mouth heals. In the meantime, immediate dentures can help you eat and speak while your gums are healing.

The disadvantage is that the denture cannot be tried in advance. The inside of the immediate denture is an estimate of what the bone might look like after the teeth are removed. After the bone heals the immediate denture will usually need to be relined (have acrylic added to it). 

The immediate denture procedure is fairly straightforward. Initially, an impression is taken of your upper and lower teeth, also a bite registration is taken to obtain a proper vertical dimension (a way of telling how open or closed you will ultimately be once the denture is placed). The denture is then processed and will be ready for you to take with you to your extraction appointment. 

Immediate dentures are a common type of denture, because the wearer does not have to be without teeth during the healing period.

It is usually a good idea to wear the dentures for 48 hours straight after getting them. This can help stop bleeding and promote healing. You will be rebooked a few days after the dentures are placed for adjustments. You may also require a reline following healing. Cold, soft foods will be easier to manage initially and help decrease future swelling. Avoid smoking and alcohol. Several times a day, until healed, place a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water (not hot), remove denture, and rinse mouth gently.

Immediate dentures often need to be relined because they get loose as the bone heals after teeth are removed. A relined immediate denture can be used for many years. Even if you do not have immediate dentures, every few years you will usually require a reline as your mouth and bone change. 

You will take care of immediate dentures as you would any denture. We recommend that you take your dentures out at night and place them in water to prevent them from drying out. It also provides your mouth with a rest from the dentures and allows the tissue to breathe.

You should clean your dentures after every meal, or at least before bed. Fill a sink with water or clean them over a towel (in case you drop the denture) and clean your dentures with a soft bristle toothbrush and a dish washing liquid, like morning fresh. Do not use toothpaste as it is too abrasive to the acrylic. Remember that dentures are fragile so try not to drop or bend them. 

It will take some time to adjust to your new dentures, similar to adjusting to a new pair of shoes. Eating and speaking will be a little of a challenge at first, but with time you will learn how to use the dentures. Everyone is different and it may take some long to adjust then others, but eventually adaption will occur. To get used to them, you must wear them! It doesn’t help if you continue to take them out. You need to give yourself at least 2 weeks until they settle in. 

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A year ago

My daughter got her mouthguard moulded and made through these guys, the process was amazing and they made my daughter feel at ease. She is so happy with her new sparklie mouthguard with her name on it! I Highly recommend Elias and Tamica. Thank you very much Read more

Karen Halse

A year ago

Elias went above and beyond to replace my Denture after an accident over New year. Super friendly service and above all the most comfortable denture I have ever had. Highly recommend!! Thankyou. Read more

Mark Halliday

A year ago

From my first phone call to Tomika explaining my situation with my teeth and how bad they were and that I didn't know where to start, to having my first free appointment with Elias was the best thing I have ever done. Tomika is very easy to talk to, friendly and professional. Elias, well he is great, told me exactly what he could achieve, the cost and the timeframe and he was spot on. Read more

Kim Lennon

6 months ago

Elias prepared a full set of dentures for my 90 year old mother. The service he provided was exceptional, using current technology effectively to create a set of dentures which were far superior to what she had previously had. Elias also made it very clear that my mother could go back at any time if minor adjustments were required. He gives meticulous attention to detail. Tamika ensures that appointments run to time. Read more

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When you visit the denture clinic to start the denture journey, your dentist will explain the process in detail. However, immediate dentures are the ready-to-wear dentures your dentist crafts for you to wear following your tooth extraction. Your immediate dentures are created based on impressions the dentist will take before extraction. Immediate dentures can be a complete denture or a partial set. The purpose of these is to give your gums time to heal. They also protect the structure of your cheeks.

Your teeth support your cheek tissue. Without those in your mouth, the immediate dentures fill in until your “permanent” set is fitted. Following extraction, your gums will be red and swollen. You may experience pain and bleeding, and it’s important that your gums have time to heal properly before your “permanent” denture is fitted. You will wear them for several months while your new “permanent” dentures are manufactured.

This means you don’t need to live without teeth for any period of time, but you can easily slip them out if you feel discomfort, but for no more than 20 minutes or so at a time. However, you must keep it in place for the first 24 hours as it controls bleeding. After the first 24 hours, you should remove the denture several times a day to rinse your mouth with warm salt water.

Immediate dentures are not a permanent solution – they are an effective stop-gap to aid healing while you wait for your “permanent” set of dentures. Permanent is in quotes because even the “final” set won’t last forever. You can expect a partial set of dentures to last up to 15 years if you take proper care of your oral hygiene. And a full set can last up to 10 if you take proper care.

Your mouth is constantly changing because as you age, your gums start to shrink, your cheeks change shape, and the jawbone can also change shape. This impacts how your teeth do their job, which is why dentures don’t last for a lifetime. Since immediate dentures are merely a stop-gap, they are built to last for a matter of months.

The longest period of time between extraction and receiving your permanent set of dentures is generally six months. So, you can expect your immediate dentures to last the right amount of time. If you have concerns you should speak to your dentist about the process. It’s worth remembering, you will still need to visit the dentist to ensure your permanent set of dentures is in good condition. Your dentist will advise you on how often you should visit.

The cost of immediate dentures varies. Choosing to get a set of dentures is an important decision, and for a lot of people, the cost is the make-or-break part of that decision. But if you want a beautiful smile to boost your confidence, and improve your ability to chew properly or speak, then cost shouldn’t deter you from pursuing the right solution.

We offer affordable prices for our services, and the cost is dependent on the denture you choose and the material that’s used. For example, a partial denture made of acrylic will cost less than a chrome-plated full denture. We also offer AfterPay, so you can focus on your smile now and worry about payment another day.

Immediate dentures and the “permanent” set that follows are a cheaper solution when compared to implants. This is why it’s a more popular option with everyday people. If you do have a larger budget, you can discuss implant-supported dentures with your dentist. The dentist inserts implants and attached the dentures to these for added stability. Regardless of the cost, your oral hygiene is an important investment and it’s one you shouldn’t overlook. Addressing the issues now, can save you a lot of pain and money further down the line.

Your dentist will give you a full timeline of events when you initially sit down to discuss the process. Immediate dentures are a stop-gap solution so that you can continue living your life, facing people, working, and socialising while you wait for your “permanent” set of dentures to be manufactured. But you aren’t just waiting for your permanent set.

Immediate dentures serve an important purpose in the healing process. Your gums need anywhere from six to eight weeks to properly heal following your extraction procedure. That would be a long time to go without teeth. Immediate dentures provide you with the best of both worlds – you have a set of teeth while your mouth heals, and your mouth has an appropriate amount of time to heal. The first day will be uncomfortable because mass extractions are a trauma your mouth has experienced. As painful as it may be, it is only temporary.

Keeping the immediate dentures in for the first 24 hours following extraction gives the gum tissue time to heal and form. Removing the denture will not relieve any pain. If you take them out for too long it can actually encourage swelling. Your dentist will provide you with a full list of instructions on how best to care for your gums and dentures during your healing period.

Before you start the denture process, you need to choose the right dentist. How do you choose the right immediate denture clinic? When you visit a denture clinic in Camden, you expect to be in the hands of a trustworthy, qualified team.

Be sure to check their qualifications – you can check the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency to ensure they are registered. This will confirm they have the necessary qualifications and they also have to undertake a training program annually to keep their knowledge current. Trust is one of the most important aspects of any patient and clinician’s relationship. Does the clinic look clean; are they charging a reasonable price; are the prices transparent; what is their process if things don’t unfold as planned; do they make you feel safe, listen, and respect you?

If you can answer all these questions positively, you can move forward with confidence. Take note of how the staff treat you from the moment you enter the clinic, are they professional and kind? Or do they make you feel like a problem? You will be making regular visits to the clinic for some time, so it’s important that you feel comfortable with everyone at the clinic, and you should also feel confident that you will be heard if you call with an issue.